Tank For Diesel mobiFITT 26000 Series

Tank For Diesel mobiFITT 26000 Series

Item No: 26480

The pump is designed for permanent operation
A short cycle in dry run will not damage the pump
5 years of manufacturers warranty for the tank starting with date of delivery on
Storage of petrol in the tank is strictly forbidden.
A leakage test is recommended to be effected every 2 1/2 years, a general test every 5 years
UN/ADR approval for ares® mobiFITT tanks and FMT® diesel pump systems
TÜV approved, UN/BAM-approved
Production under permanent control of the German TÜV

Technical data
Tank volume (l): 125-200-300-450
Material tank: LLDPE
UN-approval: un 31H2/Z/.. ../D/BAM 13047-ARES/0/420
Pump Brand: FMT Swiss AG
Connecting cable with battery
terminal clips, length (m): 3
Hydraulic data
Pump design: vane pump, selfpriming
Delivery rate at free outflow (l/min): 35
Discharge pressure (bar): 1,6
Pumping media: fuel oil and diesel
Motor data
Voltage (V):12 DC, 24 V DC, 220 V AC
Power consumption (A): 13
Locking device (A): 25 A plug-in fuse
Duty cycle (min): continuous operation
Protection class: IP 54
Single walled tank
Movable under load
Universal fixation loops for integral shackles
Diffusion resistant
Ventilation valve
Level indicator
Safety valve between tank and pump
Foot valve with filter
On/Off switch
Siphon protection acc. to WHG (German government regulation for environmental care),
continuously active
Discharge hose 4 m, DN 19, G 1″ male, G 1″ female
Lockable protection cap
Vane pump, with integral bypass (
Automatic control gun with rotating swivel ZVAD

All Products 2 years warranty.