Odaksan Inc. It is the platform where we have implemented the knowledge we have gained in various fields of the industry for more than 20 years. Our aim here is to provide all kinds of support that the industry needs in the country and abroad regarding lubrication.

Odak Makine Sanayi ve Ticaret, which was established as a sole proprietorship by our founder, Mrs. Nimet TEMUCİN, in June 2007, decided to institutionalize with the experience we gained from our 11 years of knowledge and experience, and as of 01.10.2018, under the name of "Odaksan Lubrication Equipment Machinery Import Export Industry and Trade Joint Stock Company". continues its commercial life as a legal company.

We would like to thank all our customers, our suppliers in the domestic and foreign markets, and our colleagues, who trusted our company and took action in cooperation during this process.

This success belongs to all of us…

ODAKSAN YAĞLAMA EKİPMANLARI A.Ş., which operates as the “Turkey Distributor” of superior German technology “PRESSOL” Garage Equipment and “FMT” Diesel Fuel Equipment. In addition, with its registered trademark "ODAKSAN", it is one of the leading corporate companies in the sector with its expert and trained staff in Garage and Service Equipment. ODAKSAN LUBRICATION EQUIPMENT INC., by making the best use of the time spent in the sector; fixed and mobile lubrication systems, pneumatic and mechanical oil pumps, air grease pumps, air automatic lubrication equipment, on-board lubrication stations, dry lubrication pumps, grease pumps, oil transfer pumps from barrel, barrel pump, fuel and diesel transfer pumps, diesel meters, fuel guns, oil vacuum and suction pumps from the crankcase, liquid and foam spray pumps, automatic hose reels, exhaust ventilation evacuation systems, liter containers and funnels, waste and With the breakthroughs it has made and will make in sectors such as technical training, trade and marketing, project design, assembly, installation, representation, foreign trade, on debris pallets, environmental safety containers and all kinds of service equipment; continues its activities as a company that provides world-class equipment and services with high technology and competes in the automotive, construction and industrial markets with these features. It aims to increase its market share and competitiveness in garage and service equipment, and to gain customer satisfaction by providing pre-sales and after-sales services.