Grease Nippels

What is a grease fitting, what does it do?


The grease nipple is generally defined as a metal nozzle with an oily ball on the end, which can be easily attached and detached. Grease nipples are used in a practical way because they have key heads. Using greases, also known as grease pumps, grease is pressed into the grease nipples easily and without overflowing. In this way, machine parts can be easily lubricated with the help of grease nipples. Grease nipples with different thread sizes are produced from automaton or brass materials.


What are the types of grease nipples?


There are different types of grease nipples according to the areas in which they are used. These are the types of grease nipples such as metal standard button head (button head in the master's expression), with or without fastening gear, NPT straight and curved, with special yellow pins.

How should we choose the grease nipples?

Just like other small machine parts and electrical or non-electrical hand tools, grease fitting dimensions are identified by letters and numbers. If you buy the wrong size grease fitting, you cannot perform the machine lubrication process. Therefore, before buying a grease fitting, if you do not know the measuring system or the appropriate size for you, definitely contact an expert or an engineer. Or take the tooth, length and diameter measurements with a precision caliper.