Cable reel for electric cars 16 Am

Cable reel for electric cars 16 Am

Cable reel for electric cars 16 Am

Item No: EV2162

Technical features

Intermediate Cable length (m) : 1.5

Reel cable length (m) : 5

Charging Power: 3.8 Kw (16 A @ 230V)

Cable specification: 3G2.5 + 1X0.5

Output Socket Type : Type 2

Winder protection class : IP42

Wallbox: None

With EV2162 ZECA cable reels, it is possible to recharge electric vehicles with minimum effort, while keeping the garage tidy and protecting the cables from wear.

Available with Type 1 and Type 2 connectors

The Type 1 connector is the North American and Japanese standard, but it is very common on vehicles (it is not usually installed on board the charging stations). This connector can only be used for single-phase refills.

The Type 2 connector is the European standard for AC charging stations and is the most used connector on electric cars by European electric vehicle manufacturers. This connector can be used for both single-phase and three-phase recharges.