Grease G-Coupler Mouth Piece M10x1 XL


Grease G-Coupler Mouth Piece M10x1 XL

Item No: 12651

G-coupler mouth piece XL

M 10 x 1

Connection: M 10 x 1

Design: 4 jaws

Wrench size (SW) (mm): 13

Material: steel, galvanized

Diameter (mm): 15

Length (mm): 88

Weight (kg): 0,165


● Works with all grease gun types

● The G-Coupler fits easily on the grease nipple

● Four hardened spring steel jaws

Special notes

● Suitable for all hydraulic grease nipples according to DIN specifications

● For use on commercial vehicles, construction machinery and tractors

● No need to hold the coupler when operating the grease gun and no grease leak

● Easily release the coupler by pressing the trigger