Pressol Manuel Chemical Pump PPS-PTFE+PVDF

Pressol Manuel Chemical Pump PPS-PTFE+PVDF

Item No: 13003 002

Suitable for water, diesel, acids and bases according to resistance table

Technical data
Delivery rate (l/stroke): 0,3
Delivery rate (l/min): 19
Pumping media: windshield washer, acids, bases and water-based chemicals
Media resistance: see stability list
Application: container, for 60 / 200 / 220 l
Discharge: plastic discharge spout, fastened by cap nut
Length of suction tube (mm): 350-900
Barrel screw coupling: G 1 1/2” and G 2”
Materials of parts in contact with liquid
Pump housing: PPS
Seals: PTFE + FVDF
Suction pipe: PP
Piston rod: INOX
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 300 x 90 x 1385
Weight (kg): 0,916

Packed in single carton bo

All Products 2 years warranty.