Pressol Waste Oil Disposal System 60 Lt.

pressol 19*000 335, waste oil pump, pneumatic oil pump

Pressol Waste Oil Disposal System 60 Lt.

Item No: 19000 335

Waste pneumatic oil disposal system

In non-visible areas use for pipe work connection always a flexible metal hose (19666). For installation please adhere to regional regulations and guidelines.It is recommended acc. to German govt. specification to install an overflow protection valve if waste oil discharge shall be effected by using a fixed pipe-wort installation.
Adhere to regional regulations and guidelines in any case.PNP 5:1-20 l/min

Compressed air connection: G 1/4″ female
Connection pressure hose: G 1/2” female, 60° sealing cone, 90° tube turn
Drainage tray
Capacity (l): 60
Track width (mm): 850 – 1200
Connection: G 3/4″ male
Lacquering: window grey, satin, RAL 7040
Media: for waste oils of hazard class A III of known origin with
flash points higher than 55°C; or not easily
inflammable liquids, not suitable for highly inflammable liquids
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 760 x 460 x 200
Weight (kg): 25,8

For the entire vehicle and commercial vehicle areas
with pneumatic pump 5:1 (19 385), pump catacity 20 l/min at a free flow, suitable for pipe work up to 70 m
suction hose, 2 m, G 3/4” male/female (19 512)
Pressure hose, 1,5 m, G 1/2” female/male
Wall mounting bracket (19 521)
With all required adapters, couplings, etc.
Drain tray (19 788), suitable for all standard garage service pit profiles

All Products 2 years warranty.