Air Opareted Grease Pump Supply System 25/30-kg

Pressol 30 Kg Mobile Grease System , 50:1 grease pump, 1100 G/min, grease pump, Pneumatic grease pump

Air Opareted Grease Pump Supply System 25/30-kg

Item No: 27846 030

NOTE: The pump should be used in a clean environment and at least 2 bar and no more than 8 bar.

* Please use air regulator with pump.   Defects, high pressure, water, failure to operate the pump without oiling are not covered by the warranty.                                     


High-performance, silent operation, endless spare parts assurance and portable carrying qualities give you the ability to move and respond to large areas. There are all the accessories you may need on the lubrication system and you only have to drive to lubricate until you get the lubricant.  

For 10/15-kg-container, ø 240- 290 mm                               

Pneumatic grease pump 50:1 (18 710 051)                         

Special pump mechanism                          

High pressure hose, 5 m (18 025)                           

Follower plate (17 275 )                              

High pressure grease gun (18 104)                         

Z-swivel joint (18 082)                  

Pressure reducing valve (pre-set at 8 bar)                         

Hose storage rack                          

Drip tray                             

Barrel cover, removable, designed for protection of grease containers                           

With robust handle                       

With metal protective cover to avoid damage                 

With four castor wheels                             

also suitable for smaller containers, please order follower plate with smaller diameter 

All Products 2 years warranty.