Electric Drum Barrel Pump PVDF

Electric Drum Barrel Pump PVDF

Item No: JP280 PVDF

Drum pump set with electric motor for highly concentrated acids and alkalis

JP-280 PVDF Universal motor 230 or 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 825 W, splash protection to IP 24, double insulated class II, over load protection switch with low voltage release, 5 m cable with plug.

Pump tube:
PVDF outer-Ø 41 mm, HC-shaft 2,4610


Operating data JP-280 Flow rate  (with hose and oval gear meter)Ø 41 mm up to 112 l/min* (Rotor)HeadØ 41 mm up to 16 m* (Rotor)Viscosityup to 1000 mPas*Densityup to 1,9** All physical data are real measured maximum values.

* Test medium water 20° C, 2 m pressure pipe 1″, oval gear meter 1″, measured values: ± 5%

Attention: When using a nozzle, the flow rate is reduced to app. 60-80 l/min (depends on the pump and application).