Electric Oil Pump 220 V

Electric Oil Pump 220 V

Electric Oil Pump 220 V

Item No: 23337

internal gear pump with corrugated filling part. This construction effects:

marginal inhomogeneous grade of volume flow rate

low noise level

compact construction

The longer tooth engagement provides an improved seal effect and a better suction and discharge angle

optimal suction characteristics



Connecting cable length (m): 1,8

Connection suction side: G 3/4″ male

Connection discharge side: G 1/2” male

Hydraulic data

Pump design: Gearwheel pump, selfpriming

Delivery rate at free outflow (l/min): 10

Suction height (m): 3,5

Discharge pressure (bar): 10

Flow media: oils up to SAE 90

Motor data

Voltage (V): 230

Frequency (Hz): 50

Power consumption (A): 5,5

Power (kW): 0,5

Thermal protection: self resetting

Duty cycle (min): continuous operation

Torque (Nm): 2

Rotation speed (rpm): 1450

Type of construction: IMB 3

Protection class: IP 54

Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 290x200x210

Weight of motor and pump (kg): 12,6


On/Off switch

Adjustable by-pass (pre-set at 7 bar)

with ventilating valve

Acc. to TRBF

Not calibratable

All Products 2 years warranty.