Piusi K33 ATEX Flow Meter

Piusi K33 ATEX, Piusi K33

Piusi K33 ATEX Flow Meter

Item No: K33 ATEX


The PIUSI K33 ATEX product is a mechanical flow meter suitable for the monitoring of diesel, gasoline and kerosene. For non-commercial use, K33 ATEX meets the ATEX requirements for precise measurement of the quantity of Gasoline, kerosene and diesel dispensed in environments with a high risk of explosion.

PIUSI K33 ATEX mechanical flow meter has a 3-digit partial indicator



The K33 ATEX mechanical flow meter for gasoline, kerosene and diesel has been designed to ensure precise measurement of the amount of fuel dispensed. Easy to calibrate and install, the K33 ATEX flow meter can monitor the quantity of fuel dispensed for a maximum flow rate of 20-120 l/min and with a maximum working pressure of the pump of 3.5 bar. In addition, it can guarantee a burst pressure of 28 bar with a metering accuracy of +/- 1%.



The K33 ATEX mechanical flow meter for gasoline, kerosene and diesel is suitable for application to pumps or gasoline dispensers and is suitable for those who are looking for a simple and economic product, without particular need for control over the fleet of vehicles. K33 ATEX can be installed in any position on both rigid and flexible pipes, as well as directly on pumps or tanks.

K33 ATEX is a reliable mechanical flow meter that can also be used by gravity, thanks to its low resistance to flow.

K33 ATEX as an ATEX flow meter is included in group II, category 2 G IIB T=85°C (T6), and therefore it is suitable for working in areas classified as "1" and "2" according to directive 99/92/EC.