Pressol Open Hose Reel-For Grease With Bracket

Pressol Open Hose Reel-For Grease With Bracket

Pressol Open Hose Reel-For Grease With Bracket

Item No: 29253

Hose reel for grease

O-DM-400 bar-DN 6-15 m

Item number: 29 253

EAN: 4103810292538

Discount group: D

Technical data

Length of discharge hose (m): 15

Connection discharge hose: G 1/4'' female/male

Length of connecting hose (m): 1

Connection to connecting hose: G 1/4'' female/female

Inner diameter of hose (DN): 6

Operating pressure max. (bar): 400


Arm: window grey, satin, RAL 7040

Supporting plate: window grey, satin, RAL 7040

Encasing: blue, Pantone 294 C

Angled mounting bracket: blue, Pantone 294 C

Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 475 x 158 x 520

Weight (kg): 23,1


● Open, for mounting on ceilings

● With hose stop

Special notes

● Pressol hose reels are exceedingly robust and are notable for their compact design

● All metal parts are phosphatized, undercoated and painted

● The high quality surface treatment of all steel parts ensures high corrosion resistance

● Axis (Ø 40 mm) of die cast parts. Dimensions selected by our engineers ensure

almost unlimited life range

● The material combination axis / bearing and the spring unit are maintenance-free

● Easy assembly because the weight of the hose reel does not need to be supported

while mounting

● All swivel joints are ball bearing based

● High pressure in the supply system does not influence the power needed to rotate

the drum

● The hose can be engaged by rotating 1/4 turn


Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 540 x