Pressol Pneumatic Grease Pump 15:1 1000 mm

Pressol Pneumatic Grease Pump 15:1 1000 mm

Item No: 18616 051

SRL 1000, 200 kg container

Technical data

Length suction tube (mm): 1000
Pressure ratio: 15:1
Max. diameter (mm): 130
Max. air pressure (bar): 10
Min. air pressure (bar): 2
Recommended air pressure (bar):8
Cylinder capacity engine cm³: 220
Quantity of strokes at 8 bar at a
free-flow (min.): 220
Cylinder capacity pump cm³: 13
Pump capacity at 8 bar at a
free-flow (g/min): 1700
Pump pressure at 8 bar air
pressure (bar): 120
Air consumption at 8 bar air
pressure (l/min): 400
Length of discharge pipe work: Depends on size of installation.
Max. suction heigth: The pump ist constructed to be operated directly at the point of suction
Compressed air connection: G 1/4″ female
Grease connection, suction side (ø mm): 35
Grease connection, pressure side: G 1/4″ male
Noise level idle running acc. to
ISO 9614-2 at a distance of 2 m (db A): 78
Noise level under load acc. to ISO 9614-2 at a distance of 2 m (db A): 77
Viscosity of discharged liquid: grease up to NLGI 3
Classical liquids to be discharged:lubricating greases
Time duration for 1 complete container draining: 50 kg of grease in 30 min.
Lacquering: blue Pantone 294 c
Length of engine (mm): 225
Weight of motor (kg): 3,400

For 200-kg-container, ø 540 – 590 mm
Suction tube
Special pump mechanism
Pressure reducing valve (pre-set at 8 bar)
Male quick release adapter (20 062)
the pump is designed to be operated for discharge of lubricating and multi purpose
greases NLGI 0 up to NLGI 3 out of original manufacourer’s container, i.e. greases for recharging of centralised lubricating systems

Pump is easy to disassemble for cleaning matters.
Operate pneumatic grease pump with maintenance unit 20 218 950, only.

All Products 2 years warranty.