Pressol Pneumatic Oil Pump 5:1, NEF

Pressol Pneumatic Oil Pump 5:1, NEF

Item No: 19335

Operate pneumatic-pump with maintaining unit 20 218 950

Pneumatic Pump 5:1-DW ( 19335 )
SRL 860-200/220 l container

Technical Data
Length suction tube: 860
Pressure ratio: 5:1
Max. diameter (mm): 130
Max. air pressure (bar): 10
Min. air pressure (bar): 2
Recommended air pressure (bar): 8
Cylinder capacity engine cm³: 220
Cylinder capacity pump cm³: 70
Quantity of strokes at 8 bar at a
Free-flow (min.): 270
Pump capacity at 8 bar at a
Free-flow (l/min): 20
Pump pressure at 8 bar air
Pressure (bar): 40
Air consumption at 8 bar air
Pressure (l/min): 470
Length of discharge pipe work: Depends on size of installation.
Max. suction heigth: 6 m, suction tube G 3/4″
Compressed air connection: G 1/4″ female
Oil connection – suction side: G 3/4″ female
Oil connection – delivery side: G 1/2” male
Connection container: G 2″ male, drum adapter
Noise level idle running acc. to
ISO 9614-2 at a distance of 2 m (db A): 78
Noise level under load acc. to ISO 9614-2 at a distance of 2 m (db A): 77
Viscosity of discharged liquid: oil up to SAE 140
Classical liquids to be discharged: Engine, gear aud hydraulic oil
Time duration for 1 complete container draining: 200 l oil in 14 minutes
Colour: blue Pantone 294 c
Length of engine (mm): 360
Weight engine (kg): 4


Pneumatic oil pump 5:1, double acting (DW)
Does not correspond to German calibration law (NEF).
For 200/220 l container
Suction tube, G 3/4” male
Double-acting pump, provides a continuous flow of media
Especially designed for oil supply over long distances
To discharge engine, gear and hydraulic oils
Designed for use in conjunction with pipe lines. We strongly recommend the use of an overflow valve ((19 648), 16 bar, or (19 506), 20 bar).
Can be easily combined with several hose reels

All Products 2 years warranty.