Pressol Standard Grease Gun, HHFP

Pressol Standard Grease Gun, HHFP

Item No: 12634

Operates with greases up to NLGI grade 2.
Plunger with exactly fitting when using bulk grease or cartridge
Acc. to DIN 1283
Pump piston with high accuracy of fit to the cylinder (no dummy apparent lubrication)
Performance unchanged after 5000 actuating cycles
Grease gun head, zinc die casting Z 410
Sure grip handling due to deep band knurls
Safe handle on the plunger rod
Slip resistant handle on grease gun lever
Plunger rod clamp on end cap enables manual pressure to be applied to Spring to
compress bulk grease, or to force in the plunger in damaged cartridges.
Low effort required for lubrication due to optimum lever efficiency
High-speed ventilation, by half a rotation of the grease gun tube packaging
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 400 x 140 x 75
Weight (kg): 1,35

with ZBH, connection M 10 x 1

Technical Data
Grease gun connection,
Pressure-side: M 10 x 1
Capacity (cm³): 500 cm³
Loading: 400 g grease cartridge, DIN 1284, or bulk grease
Diameter of piston (mm): 8 mm
Actuation grease piston: manually lever operated
Delivery rate/stroke (cm³): 1,2, at a counter-pressure of 400 bar
Discharge pressure (bar): up to 400 bar
Burst pressure (system): 850 bar
Burst pressure (grease gun head): 1200 bar
Operation of plunger rod: with L-design handle
Sealing cover: loose
Wall thickness of grease gun tube (mm): 1,0 mm
Colour: silver

With 1 spout, angled, M 10 x 1, 150 mm (12 635)
With 1 coupler, 4 jaws, M 10 x 1
Sales package, with Bar code

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