CUBE 90 Diesel Dispenser Pump

CUBE 90 Diesel Dispenser  Pump

CUBE 90 Diesel Dispenser Pump

Item No: PIUSI CUBE90 220 V

pısu CUBE 56-70-90 is a diesel dispenser for non-commercial use that allows you to manage the transfer, dispensing and monitoring of fuel.

The characteristic of this diesel dispenser is that it can be adapted to different applications. In fact, it is possible to apply CUBE 56-70-90 on tanks, on the wall, on cisterns, on drums or on its special pedestal. CUBE 56-70-90 is suitable for different sectors: from the agricultural sector, the diesel transfer pump station can also be used in the logistics, automotive, construction and industrial sectors.


  • High diesel flow rate – up to 90 litres/min.
  • 4 metres of diesel dispensing hose
  • Piusi K44, 4 digit mechanical flow meter
  • Piusi Auto 120 high flow rate diesel nozzle
  • On/off lever to automatically start/stop pump when diesel nozzle is removed or replaced
  • Multiple pump mounting options
  • 30 minute pump run cycle.


All Products 2 years warranty.