PIUSI CUBE 56 Diesel Transfer Pump Set

PIUSI CUBE 56 Diesel Transfer Pump Set

PIUSI CUBE 56 Diesel Transfer Pump Set

Item No: PIUSI CUBE56 220 V

The Piusi Cube 56 Diesel Transfer Pump is the “ready to go” diesel dispensing solution from the renowned pump manufacturer, Piusi of Italy.  It comes complete with its own tough steel, IP55 weather-rated cabinet, making it the ideal choice for haulage, agricultural, industrial and commercial users looking for a reliable diesel pump system at a cost-effective price.

Capable of diesel flow rates of up to 56 litres per minute the Cube 56 comes complete with a Piusi K33 flow meter to record the quantities of diesel dispensed, 4 metres of diesel hose plus auto shut off diesel nozzle. It is available in a variety of voltages from 12 volts to 230 volts and it can be fitted either onto a wall, using a wall mounting brackets kit*, or onto a diesel pump pedestal* available separately.

Quick and easy to install in a variety of applicationsTough, weather & corrosion resistant steel pump housingSelf priming vane type pump with built in by-pass valve for a longer working lifeIntake filter for pump protection

Self ventilated enclosed motor (IP55)

Piusi K33 Flow Meter

4 metres of fuel resistant delivery hose plus auto shut off nozzle and swivel connections

Pump stop/start on in built delivery nozzle holder

Input-Output : 1″

Flow rate: 56 LT/MIN

Motor: 220 volts – 350 watts, 3 amps IP 55

Suction Depth Max: 4 m.

Accuracy : +/- 1

Weight : 21 kg.

Counter : Piusi K33 Mechanical 3 Digit , Totalizer , Resettable .

Gun 3/4″ Automatic and Fuel Hose Including 4 mt 1″ Inlet

Calibration is possible

All Products 2 years warranty.