Pneumatic Diesel Transfer Pump

Pneumatic Diesel Transfer Pump

Item No: 19135 DZL

Pressol Pneumatic 1:1 Diesel Transfer Pump 19135
Technical data 
Length suction tube (mm): 860
Pressure ratio: 1:1
Max. diameter (mm): 130
Max. air pressure (bar): 10
Min. air pressure (bar): 2
Recommended air pressure (bar): 8
Cylinder capacity engine cm3: 220
Cylinder capacity pump cm3: 220
Quantity of strokes at 8 bar at a free-flow (min.): 240
Pump capacity at 8 bar at a free-flow (l/min): 66
Pump pressure at 8 bar air pressure (bar): 8
Air consumption at 8 bar air pressure (l/min): 450
Length of discharge pipe work: Depends on size of installation.
Max. suction heigth: 6 m, suction tube G 1″
Compressed air connection: G 1/4″ female
Oil connection – suction side: G 1″ female
Oil connection – delivery side: G 3/4″ male
Connection container: G 2″ male, drum adapter
Noise level idle running acc. to
ISO 9614-2 at a distance of 2 m (db A): 78
Noise level under load acc. to ISO 9614-2 at a distance of 2 m (db A): 77
Viscosity of discharged liquid: oil up to ISO VG 15 SAE 5
Classical liquids to be discharged: diesel and oil
Time duration for 1 complete container draining: 200 l diesel in 3 minutes
Lacquering: blue Pantone 294 c
Length of engine (mm): 375
Weight (kg): 6,92

Pneumatic oil- and diesel pump 1:1.
Does not correspond to German calibration law (NEF).
For 200/220 l container
Suction tube, G 1” male
To discharge low viscosity self-lubricating liquids, such as diesel, fuel oil and engine oil
Due to its high delivery rate, it can be used as a filling pump

All Products 2 years warranty.